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A partial listing of our equipment and capabilities follows and shows that we can be an effective one stop provider.

Our CNC Cell give us capability for rapid prototyping and short run flexible part production with high precision.

Amada Pega 357 CNC Turret with auto
10 ft Amada Procam Press Brake
8 ft Amada Press Brakes

CNC Brakes:6 ft Amada Press Brakes
Assortment of smaller press brakes
Outsourced Laser cutting


We have a range of hydraulic and mechanical punch presses and brakes that combined with fixed tooling allows us to produce large production runs with precision.

Punch Presses:
150T Clearing
150T Verson
60T Federal
125T Johnson
Assortment of smaller presses

Press Brakes:
400T Heim
300T Rousselle
350T Niagra
225T Cincinnati (4)
225T Chicago
90T Cincinnati
75T Wisconsin
Assortment of smaller press brakes


We offer a broad range of welding capabilities including robotic welding for high volume and high quality.

Robotic Welding
Spot Welding

Helispot Welding
MIG/TIG Welding

Your parts as specified, delivered on time at a competitive price.




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